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gouache paintings

Selected gouache paintings on watercolour paper from 2012 to the present.


The works presented below reflect my interest in settings where conflicting personal and collective narratives collide. It is my hope they capture the essence of a moment in time but that they remain ambiguous, leaving other possible narratives to be considered by the viewer. They use gouache on paper which can be used like water-colour but its wash has a less translucent quality due to the chalk-white pigment used to lighten colours; this gives the overall painting a soft matt appearance. Applied quickly, so as not to disturb the delicate water-permeable under-layers,  I use gouache like I would acrylics or oils, building up layers of translucent colour to provide an intensity and opaqueness. Many of these paintings also include gilded areas of semi-precious gold, silver, or palladium. 

Due to the scale and detail of works, several close-ups have been included for some of the artworks.

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