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Solo public exhibition
18 November 2023 - 11 February 2024

Pātaka Art & Museum
Porirua, Wellington, NZ
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sunday 10-4.30pm


2023 Susanne Kerr, Scratching the surface (detail) KS1069-WEB_edited_edited.jpg
Pātaka Art & Museum
18 November 2023 - 11th February 2024

Susanne Kerr's first public solo exhibition, 'Remnants', with Pātaka Art & Museum encompasses her interest in our precarious relationship with nature and the histories of encounter, exchange, depletion and survival that our environment tell.

Her paintings are abundant with birds, flowers, ribbons and all manner of plant life, sourcing material from the native bush close to her Wellington studio to envelope her human forms. These constructed worlds overflow with cultural references and biodiversity; where native, endemic, and introduced species intertwine, and elements of Chinoiserie and Ikebana are woven into botanical scenes.


This layered approach in narrative complements her creative practise where many of her artworks repurpose pre-exisiting paintings, overworking or manipulating them through sgraffito or a process Kerr describes as 'cut-paintings'.


These processes of re-using and re-forming reflect her curiosity about the loss of, and intermingling of remnant habitats. In drawing connections between fragments, her paintings consider the relationship of humans to the environments they live within, and re-create.


Link to Remnants at Pātaka Art & Museum. 


A small selection of artworks in the upcoming Remnants exhibition below.

Click image for a more detailed view.

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